Riga Business School Alumni Association Mentoring program is here to develop a wide spectrum of next generation leaders and cultivate life-long learning for already experienced ones to enable sustainable growth of Riga Business School community and society.


Riga Business School Alumni Mentoring Program is an annual program that matches RBS students or recent graduates together with experienced RBS alumnus with a goal to accelerate personal and professional growth.



Mentoring meetings between mentors and mentees


Development oriented workshops throughout the program


Different tools for mentors and mentees to help achieve their goals




Fill out the survey. Afterwards receive an invitation for an application form or wait till mentoring team gets in touch with you. After submission, wait for a positive response to your application. If so, voila - you’re in.


Mentors interview potential mentees & find the one that suits them the best in terms of industries, goals, characteristics, etc.


Mentors and mentees will be matched in pairs one to one. Pairs will be matched based on your experience or future job preferences, interests and personalities.


Before the program starts, both mentors and mentees will have a 2-3 hour introduction sessions. Afterwards, a meet-up with everyone involved will be held.



Every second month will start with a workshop that covers a topic regarding personal development.


Pairs will meet at least once per month to talk about the workshop or any other topic they will see as valuable for them.


At the end of each quarter mentors and mentees will need to present their progress to the rest of the program’s participants.



At the end of each quarter mentors and mentees will need to present their progress to the rest of the program’s participants.


For Mentees

  • Gain C-suite generation’s perspective

  • Recognize personal values and achieve distinct goals

  • Gain exceptional networking skills

  • Grow academic and social confidence

  • Realize the full potential of RBS Alumni community

  • Get the last push to make the first step

For mentors

  • Develop leadership skills

  • Gain millennials perspective

  • Be up-to-date with 21st century business practices

  • Gain expertise and practice in mentoring and coaching

  • Catalyse the young generations’ competencies

  • Contribute to the RBS Alumni community


After successful two years of the program, 26* mentees have had the chance to accelerate their personal and professional development while 26* mentors have been up to provide them guidance through the process. Some of the mentees have found their passion and started their own business, some have climbed up the career ladder and some have found not only a mentor but a friend.


Elīna Strautmane

My main takeaways from the Mentoring program is the feeling that I can be myself and I don't need to change myself to realize my dreams. I need to follow to my deeper feeling and voice of the heart.

My gained experience is not future, it is present! I am already using my experience for making to grow my fabric store.

My gained experience is not future, it is present! I am already using my experience for making to grow my fabric store.​

Andris Zabers

During the Mentoring program, I have progressed tremendously both professionally and personally. I have thoroughly enjoyed many hours of meaningful conversations and discussions with my mentor, which have helped to develop a broader understanding of oneself and the world around me. Very honestly, never have I before understood the need for a mentor as much as I do now and can only strongly urge everyone to grab this opportunity and apply to this program.

Kristiana Paula Dzene

I warmly suggest taking part in this program. This will be the best productive time spent, I assure! Each gathering we had I was inspired from mentees and mentors around- experienced professionals and students as me- full of determination and motivation to grow. Main takeaways were to continue exploring, testing and challenging.​


Karlis Danevics

I believe in sustainable relationships that are mutually beneficial. This was the case with RBS program as SEB gained a wonderful employee, mentee gained access to corporate world and hopefully some experience and contacts from mentor, and mentor gained a wonderful friend with a bright future ahead of him as well as a lot of so-called “reverse mentoring” – ability to learn from new generation and see their mindset.

Elina Priedite

All positive change is the end result of learning. RBS Alumni Mentoring program was an inspiring learning journey, offering an immensly positive and encouraging environment for sharing dreams, trying new things and ideas as well as meeting wonderful people.

Martins Martinsons

The RBS Mentoring program gave me possibility to work with marvelous young people and help them in their future career and development findings.

It is a really engaging and full of personal discoveries process for both the mentor and mentee.

It is process of fun, discoveries and great contribution.​


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